Apocalyptica Concert Review – Max Watt’s, Brisbane, 25th Sep 2016

Brisbane had again the unfortunate fate to get a Sunday night show of yet another A-grade metal act. However, it was good to see a long line outside the Max Watt’s. There was a colourful mixture of long-time Apocalyptica fans having the seen the band many times and new fans eagerly awaiting their first Apocalyptica show. Anyone who had seen the band at Soundwave with their new line-up was certainly looking forward to seeing the band with a full 90-minute set.

Before the fans were treated to probably the most unique metal act, local favourites Awaken Solace hit the stage to get the crowd going. And Awaken Solace were certainly a good match for an Apocalyptica show with their symphonic metal that is somewhere between Epica and Nightwish. Unfortunately, the band had to cope with an extremely awful sound. Something had really gone horribly wrong at the soundboard. Despite this major set-back the band battled on professionally and presented songs from the forthcoming second album. Awaken Solace are booked to support Queensryche in Brisbane in a couple of weeks. Hopefully, the sound will be better so that this talented band can showcase their full potential.

awaken solace

Awaken Solace live at Max Watt’s, Brisbane

We Lost At Sea from Sydney were next up. The band had been chosen as national support for this Apocalyptica tour although musically there is clearly a mismatch. We Lost At Sea is certainly not a metal band but a progressive rock band. The announcement was a surprise and I was eager to see how the band would perform in such an environment. Judging by the reaction of the fans they clearly did a great job. The short 30-minute set made it hard to fully appreciate the band’s music as they take their time to develop each song carefully before it typically climaxes in a great crescendo. We Lost At Sea was an interesting choice as support for Apocalyptica but it worked that night.

we lost at sea

We Lost At Sea live at Max Watt’s

After a short break Apocalyptica stormed the stage. The band hit it hard right from the start and played the Sepultura cover “Refuse/Resist” as second song. It was amazing to see how brutal this song can be even when played with cellos. Now that the band was off to a heavy start they had their fans firmly with them. Apocalyptica lead the way and their fans eagerly followed them on a 90-minute journey that couldn’t be more diverse.

apocalyptica concert review

Besides the heavier, instrumental tracks the songs from Apocalyptica’s last album “Shadowmaker” mixed up the set. Franky Perez on vocals does give the band another dimension to their sound. A lot of the fans sang along clearly showing that “Shadowmaker” is well embraced by the Apocalyptica community.

Highlights of the show were the songs that everybody came to see. Metallica’s “Master Of Puppets” and “Seek & Destroy” received the wildest reaction from the pit. “Hall of The Mountain King” was the perfect last song of the set. Over the years there have been several metal versions of the classical piece but Apocalyptica had the most dynamic version I have heard so far. The band came out for another two songs as an encore before they finally left their fans cheering and smiling. Apocalyptica had just shown that there are one of the energetic and certainly the most unique band in the metal circuit.