Alestorm release another party album

Hailing from Scotland, the pirate metal band Alestorm has released their fourth full-length studio album. The band is around for about a decade now, sailing on the high seas of heavy metal, bringing their version of folk-induced heavy metal to the world. Over the years Alestorm has seen a number of line-up changes to the effect that actually none of the studio albums has been recorded with the same band members. Again this is the case with their latest record “Sunset On The Golden Age”. This time around their new full-time member on keyboards Elliot Verron makes his studio debut.

Off we go with the opener “Watch The Plank” in which Verron can show his talent as this song makes quite extensive use of the keyboards. This needs getting used to a little bit as the keyboards are quite dominant on this track. Luckily the keyboards are quite a bit scarcer on the rest of the nine songs. Musically there are no real surprises on “Sunset On The Golden Age”. Alestorm stay true to their style of what they refer to as “True Scottish Pirate Metal”. They still play classic heavy metal with the occasional thrash metal jaunt. Overlay that with some folk elements and a violin and you have an Alestorm album. The band presents 10 songs pretty much of the same kind. Great party music without too much depth.

Tracks like “Drink”, “Wooden Leg” and “Magnetic North” are good mid-tempo rockers that are appropriate for any metal party (at least if you wait until the early hours when all guests had their fair chance of serious alcohol consumption). The song titles are also an indication of the lyrics on “Sunset On The Golden Age”. All of the lyrics are set in a pirate world scenario and are pretty straight forward. Some choruses could not be any simpler like “We are here to drink your beer” from the song “Drink”. This does work in a way (probably even better after the aforementioned prolonged consumption of alcohol) and gives the album some rough party feeling. The deep thinkers among us certainly need to look elsewhere to find enjoyment.

Overall “Sunset On The Golden Age” provides what it promises. The songs are all quite catchy. Alestorm play it safe with their new record but they deliver what their fans expect without trying to go beyond what we have heard from them before. If you are looking for a solid party metal album, “Sunset On The Golden Age” is fit for purpose.

7 of 10