Suicide Silence make a strong return with new vocalist Eddie Hermida

Suicide Silence Album Review - You Can't Stop MeThe long-awaited new album of Suicide Silence is finally here. After the tragic death of their vocalist and founding member Mitch Lucker and a one-year hiatus Suicide Silence return with “You Can’t Stop Me”. The album features their new man at the helm – former All Shall Perish frontman Hernan ‘Eddie’ Hermida.

There are many examples of bands in rock history that came back triumphantly after tragic losses. The anger and grief that comes with tragic losses has led a number of artists to exceptional pieces of work. Bands like AC/DC with “Back In Black” had career-defining moments that set them up into a whole new direction and catapulted them into another universe. So the question is if “You Can’t Stop Me” can be such an album for Suicide Silence.

Suicide Silence did not re-invent themselves or even the wheel. The eleven tracks on “You Can’t Stop Me” are typical deathcore numbers. Fast riffing with only few breaks, groovy and sometimes even catchy themes and solid drum work are still the trademarks. Eddie’s striking vocals round up the solid performance. He can clearly live up to the expectations and is a worthy successor to the much beloved Mitch Lucker. Strongest trait of the album is the great guitar work of Mark Heylmun and Chris Garza. Tracks like “We Have All Had Enough”, “Warroir” and the title track “You Can’t Stop Me” bring out the best in this duo. Other highlights of the album are the songs “Cease To Exist” and “Control” with neck-breaking speed.

The lyrics of “You Can’t Stop Me” seem to deal a lot with reprocessing of the loss of Mitch Lucker and the following period of sorrow. Songs titles like “You Can’t Stop Me”, “Warrior”, “Ending Is The Beginning” and “Don’t Die” all point into that direction.

“You Can’t Stop Me” was produced and mixed by Steve Evetts, the band’s longtime friend and collaborator and features guest appearances of Death metal legend George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher (Cannibal Corpse) and Greg Puciato (The Dillinger Escape Plan, Killer Be Killed).

In summary Suicide Silence produced a strong and solid album that will satisfy most their fan base. “You Can’t Stop Me” is not an uber-album that will take Suicide Silence onto a whole new level though. Nevertheless, it is good to see that the band worked through this hard period and came out strong at the end.

8 of 10

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