Sonic Syndicate end their 2-year long hiatus

Sonic Syndicate Album ReviewSonic Syndicate have released their new self-titled album after a 2-year long hiatus. The band from Sweden had a very promising start to their career. Influenced by (Swedish) death metal bands they published two metalcore bombs with their debut album “Eden Fire” and their follow-up work “Only Inhuman”. The band’s third longplayer “Love And Other Disasters” then started to venture into other music genres and their fourth record “We Rule The Night” completed that journey with the band drifting into some pop music elements. “We Rule The Night” was not very well received by critics and old fans which was probably part of the decision to give the band a rest and re-think the approach. Now after 2 years and having lost founding members  Richard and Roger Sjunnesson Sonic Syndicate release their fifth album. In this context it seems that the self-titled release is an attempt to start over again as self-titled albums are mainly a domain for debut albums.

The album starts promising with the opener “Day Of The Dead”. At first it seems that Sonic Syndicate are back into pure metalcore but once they go into the first refrain it becomes clear what to expect from the rest of the 11 tracks on this album. The band constantly changes their songs between metalcore and some very mainstream-appealing choruses. The opening riff to the second song “Black Hole Halo” could also be on a Depeche Mode album of their darker phase. This concept continues throughout the album from hereon.

Don’t get me wrong. Sonic Syndicate is not a bad album after all. But compared to their first two releases it lacks the clear vision, the aggression and brutality a high-class metalcore album should have. Production and musicianship are good. It is just that the songs are not really great. After listening to the album a couple of times nothing sticks to your mind. There are no outstanding riffs, melodies or vocal parts. The band is at their best when they let it rip as in tracks like “Long Road Home” and “Before You Finally Break” (with Soilwork’s Bjőrn “Speed” Strid on vocals). One can only hope that we are going to hear more of that on Sonic Syndicate’s next album.

6 of 10