Swedish death metal band King Of Asgard released their third album

Swedish blackened death metal band King Of Asgard are at a pivotal point in their still young career. After having formed in 2008, King Of Asgard now present their oh-so-important third full-length album titled “Karg” (which means barren in Swedish). I am really looking forward to reviewing this album. The atmospheric video “The Runes Of Hel” certainly created a form anticipation.

The Swedes start their new album with just that song. “The Runes Of Hel” is a good mid-tempo death metal song. Anyone who hasn’t heard of King Of Asgard before knows pretty much what they are in for after listening to the track: melodic death metal of the Gothenburg school, lyrics set in an ancient Viking world and tracks that are compatible with any good metal party in general. Half way through the first song it also becomes obvious that King Of Asgard are heavily influenced by Amon Amarth.

The remaining eight tracks (including the bonus track “Total Destruction”) do not change in style dramatically and remain in the genre that is often referred to as “Viking Metal” (Does that actually mean you have to be born in Scandinavia to qualify for that classification?). Songs like “Highland Rebellion” are among the highlights of the album with straight forward riffs, changing between aggression and melodies. “Omma” is a song that certainly would have been a great soundtrack for the TV series “Vikings” with its mystical atmosphere. I am not quite sure why “Total Destruction” made the cut only as a bonus track. It is one of the better songs of “Karg” with its fast, punk-like attitude.

All songs are ok but not really more than that. It strangely seems that King Of Asgard put their brakes on. When they let lose, get faster and more intense like in “The Runes Of Hel” and “Total Destruction” King Of Asgard are at their best. The remaining tracks seem to lack the aggression that other bands in their genre have. “Karg” is a good album but I have my doubts that it will catapult King Of Asgard in a new sphere of fame and glory. Now that I listened to this appetizer I go back to my Amon Amarth collection.

7 of 10