Carcass - Surgical Steel18 years after the band called it quits they show us all that there is quite some life in the old
Carcass. Surgical Steel is the band’s first release after their 1996 longplayer titled Swansong. It took them another six years to record this album after they started playing shows back in 2007. Here it is now and the long wait has truly paid off. Carcass are better than ever. Surgical Steel is one of the best – if not the best – publication of 2013.

Surgical Steel has a variety of wrecking-ball-like thrash and melodic death metal bombs. The band has matured a lot further since their demise in the 1990ies, the musicianship is even better than on their last release. In true Carcass-fashion they play between thrash metal and melodic death metal not without quoting some good old 80ies metal classics. Combined with a surgically sharp production, that adds to the brutality of the songs, and the obligatory splatter-movie inspired lyrics , it makes the comeback of the year.

Songs like Thrasher’s Abbatoir, The Master Butcher’s Apron and Cadaver Pouch Conveyor System are just some of the highlights. Actually it is just too hard to name any real highlights because the whole album is a complete highlight. The album also includes a lot of fine details like the hint towards Judas Priest in the album title and artwork.

Bottom line is, Surgical Steel is an absolute must-have for every fan of extreme metal music. I cannot wait until I will see them live during their upcoming Australian tour.

9.5 of 10