Belphegor release their strongest album so far

The Austrian black/death metal band Belphegor has seen a number of label changes in their 20+ year history. Most of the contracts ended in drama, one even in a legal battle. Belphegor seem to have found their home now with Nuclear Blast. The new album ‘Conjuring The Dead’ is the sixth release on Nuclear Blast and their eleventh overall. Growing stronger from record to record, ‘Conjuring The Dead’ is Belphegor’s best release in their long career so far.

Belphegor has always been known for extreme metal music based on death metal but also drawing influences from black and thrash metal. Following this tradition they open the new album with the short and brutal death hammer ‘Gasmask Terror’. This is an album start as it should be: aggressive, to the point and neck-breaking. The band then follows through with the title track ‘Conjuring The Dead’, another black metal influenced death metal hymn. The song even comes more alive when you combine it with the screenplay of the video (which is a must see for all fans of extreme metal music). At this point it seems clear that the new Belphegor album is something special. If only they can keep the pace and brutality. And they can.

Fans of extreme metal music just gotta love this album. The two opening songs set the scene and Belphegor follow through with a few more highlights throughout the whole album. These range from ‘In Death’, a thrash metal track including a Slayer-memorial riff, to the dark and blackened ‘Lucifer, Take Her’. The song ‘Legions Of Destruction’ presents a special delicacy for fans of extreme metal. The song is not only another death hammer of highest quality but also features Mayhem’s Attila and Deceide’s Glen Benton. Dubbed already as the ‘Three Tenors from Hell’ this track features some of the best extreme metal frontmen on vocals (or vo-kills as Belphegor refer to it) and will remain a rare classic in the future.

‘Conjuring The Dead’ shows Belphegor at their very best. There is not one weak song on ‘Conjuring The Dead’. Belphegor reach a new height of brutality and aggression. Combined with the dark lyrics and the extreme metaphorical language of the cover artwork this album is a very intense ride to hell and back. Well done guys. I am looking forward to the live shows and the next album already.

8.5 of 10