Allegaeon release their strongest album so far

allegaeon album review - elements of the infiniteHere we go again. Another technical death metal album to review. I cannot say that I was overly keen on reviewing Allegaeon’s newest effort “Elements Of The Infinite”. The last couple of releases left Allegaeon in the grey mass of death metal bands. Sure, they are fantastic musician. Anyone who can play this kind of music is a master of the instrument she or he plays. But what distinguishes great from good or average death metal bands is the ability to write memorable songs with interesting structures and keep an element of surprise as part of the songwriting. So let’s see if Allegaeon can pull it off with their latest longplayer.

To cut a long story short: yes, Allegaeon can pull off a great melodic/technical death metal album. The 5-piece from Denver seems to have matured, grown together and certainly have improved their songwriting significantly. “Elements Of The Infinite” convinces with 10 great tracks. All of the songs are well structured, come to the point without repeating themselves and generally make you head bang. Highlights of the album are “Dyson Sphere” and “1.618” with their strong and catchy riffing. These two songs are good examples that death metal tracks can be recognizable yet heavy and dark. The last song of the album – twelve-minute long, epic “Genocide For Praise – Vals For The Vitruvian Man” – is the perfect climax for a strong death metal album. It shines with strong riffs, intuitive breaks and shows that Allegaeon can create concepts and deliver them through and through.

This is the kind of death metal album that makes it to the top of my current playlist. Have Allegaeon released an album that will change death metal as we know it?  No, they haven’t. Did they invent a new metal sub-genre? Most certainly not. Will they find a lot new friends and fans? Absolutely.

By the way, it is worth checking out their new video “1.618”. Not only is the song one of the strongest from “Elements Of The Infinite”, but it is also refreshing to see that not all death metal bands take themselves too seriously. They play convincingly with the clichés of several metal sub-genres in this nice little pearl of a video.

8 of 10

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