Album Review Wormed: Metal at its most extreme

Spanish extreme metal band Wormed have been around for a while.  The quintet formed in 1998. However, after the release of their debut album ‘Planishpaerium’ in 2003 a decade-year long hiatus followed mainly due to several line-up changes. The sophomore album ‘Exodromos’ was finally released in 2010. The album earned the band touring opportunities around the world including a well-received US-headliner tour. Conceptually, the album saw the birth of the character ‘Krigshu’, the last human in the cosmos. ‘Krigshu’ lives on and just received the honour of a complete concept album dedicated to him.

‘Krigshu’ kicks off with the track ‘Pseudo-Horizon’. After a short intro the song breaks into a relentless inferno consisting of double-bass action and ultrasonic, technical riffing. Jumping from break to break the only constant remain the growling vocals. ‘Pseudo-Horizon’ is exactly what you expect from Wormed. If you liked their previous records you will love ‘Krigshu’. The Spaniards present themselves matured. The songwriting creates an aural experience between death metal and grindcore that delivers technical metal at its most extreme.

Following the opener are ‘Neomorph Mankind’ and ‘Agliptian Codex Cyborgization’. Both songs present more of what the opener offered: A myriad of riffs, highly technical extreme metal and vocals that are a punch in the face. The two-minute ‘The Singularitarianism’ then sets the speed record for this album before the intro to ’Eukaryotic Hex Swarm’ offers the first breathing space to the listener. But Wormed wouldn’t be Wormed if they didn’t fall back into the aggression and brutality that is a trademark of their music.

The first half of the album delivered some of the most extreme compositions the metal world has heard in 2016. The second half doesn’t disappoint either. Wormed manage to keep up the level of intensity throughout the remaining four tracks. Even the last track on ‘Krigshu’, the almost 7-minute long ‘Molecular Winds’, stays true to Wormed’s course. You might expect a more experimental and epic track from a song that is twice as long as most other compositions on the album. Yet ‘Molecular Winds’ sums up an exhilarating extreme metal album in style.

Wormed are technical masters of their chosen subgenre. The music is extreme, brutal and intense. The songs are well written and include so many riffs, breaks and twists and turns that it requires some time to take in the album in its entirety. Enthusiasts of extreme metal will find lots to explore. ‘Krigshu’ should score the band more opportunities to tour around the world.

9 of 10