‘Til Endes’ is Khold’s strongest album so far

Khold are hailing from the dark and cold wilderness of Norway with their new album ‘Til Endes’. It has been six years since we last heard from the four piece. Now they present their sixth full-length album released on Peaceville Records.

A long time has passed and it has been very quiet in that long time around the Norwegian black metal outfit. The new record starts with ‘Myr’, a rather slow opener, that is somewhere in between doom and black metal. True to their style the song convinces with a couple of great hook lines that make the song quite catchy. The sound is basic, more towards the low-fi end of the scale but still has enough drive to make you bang your head. Above this grim sound thrones the cynical voice of mysterious frontman Gard. All lyrics are again in Norwegian. I am not quite sure what it is but Scandinavian languages just fit right into dark, extreme metal. The guttural sound of Norwegian adds to the overall gloomy atmosphere of the album.

The album continues on with ‘Skogen uye’ and ‘Ravnestrupe’, arguably the fastest and heaviest song on ‘Myr’, before the band than turns to one of the highlights of the album. ‘Dommens Arme’ is actually a cover song of the Sepultura track ‘Troops Of Doom’. Khold give it their unique treatment and produce an interesting arrangement of this thrash metal classic.

The title song is another heavyweight on this album deeply rooted in black metal but with influences from straight forward trash metal riffing without getting to fast. The remaining three songs ‘Det Dunkle Dyp’, ‘Avund’ and ‘Hengitt’ fit right into the sound the band has started the album with.

Overall ‘Til Endes’ is good black metal album of the more primitive kind. The album was recorded at Studio Fredman (Amon Amarth, At the Gates, Opeth) and has modern black metal sound that is low-fi but not to an extent that it hurts. Khold will not change the history of black metal but have released their strongest effort to date. If you are still waiting for that one solid Venom album this might just be your alternative.

7.5 of 10