Accuser Album Review – ‘The Forlorn Divide’

Accuser is one of those 80s metal bands that were on the very forefront of thrash metal, helping to develop and define of what we know as thrash metal today. However, the have never really made the breakthrough on an international level. Their success was mainly restricted to their home country Germany. After more than a decade of hiatus with only a few reunion concerts the band decided to give it another go in 2008. Since then they have released three new albums and a re-recording of their classic record ‘Who Dominates Who?’. The fact that they have now scored a record deal with Metal Blade shows that Accuser have a lot more to give. Their Metal Blade debut ‘The Forlorn Divide’ has now been released.

‘The Forlorn Divide’ contains ten songs. After the 80-second intro ‘Predawn’ Accuser hit it with ‘Lust For Vengeance’. The album opener is one of the fastest songs on the album, a real thrash metal neck-breaker with lots of hardcore attitude. Basically, the quartet kicks off where they have left it on their last album. Accuser’s music is a mixture of thrash metal with a technical twist and hardcore punk elements. The following track ‘Unreal Perception’ is another song  at lightning speed before ‘Arbitrary Law’ features some more hardcore elements. With ‘Impending Doom’ Accuser prove for the first time on ‘The Forlorn Divide’ that they can take the foot off the pedal and still play brutal metal.

The second half of the album stays on the same, high quality level as the first. Especially, tracks like ‘Perish By Oblivion’ and ‘Fifth Column’ stand out because of their big riffs. Accuser finish the album with the longest track of the record. ‘Flow Of Dying’ combines everything that Accuser stand for. Galloping thrash metal riffs, shouted gang vocals, the angry vocals of Frank Thoms and some hardcore passages are basically a good summary of what Accuser are all about in 2016.

Three decades after their debut album Accuser release one of their strongest records. The Germans are among a myriad of bands from the 80s that went through their reunions and still make music with relevance. They have honed their craft over the decades. With modern recording technology, the experience of a long career and excellent musicianship Accuser sound like we all wish they had in the 80s. ‘The Forlorn Divide’ is an intense and brutal album throughout. It seems Accuser have a lot more left in them.