Accept Gig Review: German Metal Legends Rock Melbourne

Well, what can you say when you just have seen a legend live on stage. You can just bow in front of the magic this legend has spread. Monday night at the Corner Hotel was one of those nights. Accept played their fourth and final show of their first ever Australian tour. It is hard to believe that a band that important for heavy metal and that has influenced so many other bands throughout the last 35 years of their career never made it down under before. The Australian fans had to wait a long time but now was their time and judging by the smile that was pretty much on everybody’s face when they left the venue they all had a great time.

Accept themselves had a great time on stage. The band seemed to enjoy the gig which for Accept’s standards was a small pub gig and a chance to get closer to their fans as usual. And this is exactly what a great, legendary band like Accept distinguishes from just another good band. Accept were close to their fans that night. All band members were constantly seeking eye contact with their fans, communicating and animating each and everybody in front of the stage. This is what makes a show magical when you are in the pit. It is that feeling of being part of the event, part of the show, rather than an us-and-them feeling. Accept have mastered this art to perfection making their shows a great event for the fans.

accept gig reviewAnd then there is the immense back catalogue of classic metal songs that have defined the genre from the early 80ies on. Accept changed between old and new throughout the set without putting too much focus on one particular phase at any one time. Modern classics like the title track of the last album ‘Stalingrad’ and ‘Teutonic Terror’ were combined with songs from the new album ‘Blind Rage’. Four tracks from the new record made it into the set list with ‘Stampede’, ‘200 Years’, ‘Dying Breed’ and ‘The Final Journey’. Then there were old treasures like ‘Princess Of The Dawn’ and ‘London Leatherboys’ which were equally well received by the crowd.

Main attraction of the show were of course the big 4 Accept songs that cannot be left unplayed at any concert of the band. Accept played ‘Restless And Wild’ in the middle of the set. That was when the crowd finally went into a frenzy with heads banging, screaming and fists in the air. ‘Fast As A Shark’ concluded the official set just to leave the fans wanting more. After only a short waiting time the band started the encore with ‘Metal Heart’. ‘Teutonic Terror’ that has evolved into a classic of the modern Accept-era kept the crowd going before the mighty ‘Balls To The Wall’ concluded an outstanding metal night.

Accept have shown with their four dates around Australia that they are still one of the best bands in the genre. Great songs, fantastic musicians and a band that works together on stage like a clockwork made the show a night to remember. If I was looking for a flaw it could only be that even though the band played for almost two hours the show was too short for me. There were so many more songs I would have loved to see Accept perform. But then again they would have to play for 10 hours or more.

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