Aborted Album Review ‘Termination Redux’

Belgium’s premier death metal outfit Aborted celebrated their 20th anniversary in 2015. To honour and celebrate the anniversary, the band recorded three new songs and re-engineered one of the old favourites and put them on an EP. The EP will only be available as digital download and on vinyl with some special prints in different colours. The EP will also be a teaser for the upcoming album that apparently has already been recorded last month.

The EP starts with the 30-second intro ‘Liberate Me Ex Inferis’ before the bands lashes out with a heavy and mean riff to start the first full song of the EP. The title track ‘Termination Redux’ is classic Aborted material: brutal death metal that at times is extremely technical and at times borders to the grindcore genre. In the three and a half minutes the track lasts Aborted showcase pretty much all their trademarks from aggressive riffing to the various growling voices of band mastermind and only remaining founding member Sven de Caluwe and from insanely fast hook lines to a melodic break in the middle of the song. The production is modern, aggressive and powerful, just what you want from a death metal album.

The other two new songs ‘Vestal Disfigurement Upon The Sacred Chantry’ and ‘Bound In Acrimony’ continue with the extreme brutality from the neck-breaking opener. The tracks are brutal and follow the successful recipe of Aborted’s song writing. Typically the songs start with extremely fast riffs before several breaks mix up the structure. The band does so without forgetting their more melodic qualities. This more melodic side of Aborted and Sven de Caluwe’s vocals are main contributors why their music stays interesting at all times. He can switch between different growling vocals, snarling sounds and even gets in some vocal parts that I would consider to be clean (in lack of a better word and in comparison to his harsh vocals).

The re-engineered version of ‘The Holocaust Re-Incarnate’ rounds up this brutal piece of death metal. The song appears fresher than in the original which shows that the band and their production has matured over the years. All in all, ‘Termination Redux’ is an impeccable death metal EP. Aborted have grown over the years and are rightfully regarded as one of the main and best contributors of the modern death metal and grindcore genre. This EP proofs that again. I can’t wait to get my hands on their forthcoming full-length album.

8.5 / 10

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