Abbath release new song ‘Fenrir Hunt’

The legendary man himself has returned. Abbath Рthe illustrious former frontman of Immortal Рhas returned with his new band. Abbath has been one of the most influential musicians in the black metal genre over the last 25 years. He now has a new crew together and formed his own band. They have already played their first show at the Tuska Festival in Finland.

Abbath have been named somewhat of a supergroup of extreme metal. Beside Abbath himself the line up includes King Ov Hell (ex Gorgoroth) on bass and Creature (ex Decapitated, Sepultura and Sabaton) on drums. For live performances they also get the help of Per Valla (Vredehammer) on lead guitar.

‘Fenrir Hunts’ is the first new song of Abbath. Check out the live video below. It’s raw, it’s live, it’s black metal at its best. This certainly makes you look forward to the album release in January 2016. Also check out the Australian tour dates below. Abbath will bring chaos to the Australian East coast in October.

Abbath Video ‘Fenrir Hunts’

Australian Tour Dates

abbath video

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