Abbath kick of Australian tour in Brisbane

Much has been written about the departure of Abbath from Immortal, the legal battle and all the tension between the former band mates. Abbath himself has stated in many interviews that he is happy now that he can play live again with a band that seems to be much more about the fun on stage than Immortal were in the last few years. Yesterday he made his way to Brisbane to kick off Abbath’s Australian tour.

Can he still kick ass? Does he still have what it takes to put a head-crushing show on stage? The recently released live videos certainly indicated that. However, last night he was out there to proof it to the crowd in Brisbane. And as soon as the fog clouded the Max Watt’s it became clear that his fans were eagerly awaiting him. When he ripped into the first song the whole place went berserk. Abbath had the crowd firmly in his hands.

abbath gig review

The show was just what we all had seen in the Abbath videos that he published over the last few weeks: intense, raw and crazy as fuck old school black metal. It is hard to pick any highlights of the show. It was just a metal show as you want it with a high level of aggression all the way through. Certainly there were lots of Immortal classics on the playlist but also some new tracks like “Fenrir Hunts”. The song was the heaviest and fastest in a set of neck-breaking songs. From the classics “Tyrants” and “All Shall Fall” received the most extreme fan reactions. The only shock came when the band left the stage after just one hour but they returned for a 15-minute encore. Let’s face it. We all knew what we were in for. Immortal were never known to play the longest sets.

abbath gig review

Abbath proofed last night that he is a force to be reckoned with. It was good to see that he obviously had a lot of fun on stage. Abbath in top form, an incredible line-up and a good mixture of old and new made this gig a kick-ass experience for the fans.  His new album (due to be released in January) is set to be one of the absolute highlights of 2016. I am pretty sure that there are many sore necks today. Sydney and Melbourne watch out.

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